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Symbols & Meanings - Each Symbol has a different Meaning

There has been much debate on the significance of the different symbols and motifs used in the carving of lovespoons. Many of the young carvers were shy and unwilling to show their emotions, and this would attempt to convey their true feelings through the use of various symbols. Over the centuries, many more symbols and motifs have been added and as the love spoons became more elaborate and decorative, they have become collectables.

Welsh Lovespoon Symbols - Bell   BELL Weddings or Anniversaries or Together in Harmony.
Welsh Lovespoon Symbols - Ball in Cage   BALL IN CAGE Love held safe or number of children.
Welsh Lovespoon Symbols - Birds   BIRDS Love birds or Lets go away together. Stork represents a new birth.
Welsh Lovespoon Symbols - Chain   CHAIN A wish to be together forever or, Number of children.
Welsh Lovespoon Symbols - Cross   CROSS A wish to have faith in Christ Jesus or, A wish to be bound together in Christ or A wish for God to bless.
Welsh Lovespoon Symbols - Diamond   DIAMOND Wealth or Good fortune.
Welsh Lovespoon Symbols - Heart   HEART Love.
Welsh Lovespoon Symbols - Horseshoe   HORSESHOE Good luck
Welsh Lovespoon Symbols - Key/keyhole   KEY/ KEYHOLE Security or I shall look after you.
Welsh Lovespoon Symbols - Celtic Knot   KNOT / CELTIC KNOTWORK Eternal love or Together forever or Everlasting.
Welsh Lovespoon Symbols - Lock   LOCK Security or, I shall look after you
Welsh Lovespoon Symbols - Twisted Stem   TWISTED STEM Two live become as one, or, Togetherness.
Welsh Lovespoon Symbols - Welsh Dragon   DRAGON Protection or Symbol of Wales.

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