Rhiannon Jewellery

Rhiannon Jewellery - Welsh Love SpoonsThe designs for these beautiful Celtic and Welshpendants and earrings are based on the traditional designs of hand-carved Love Spoons. Since the 1970's Rhiannon Evans has been producing beautiful jewellery in Silver and Gold based on Celtic traditions.

The family have a deep commitment to Welsh Culture in rural Ceredigion and have built a thriving Craft Centre for visitors. Thanks to the worldwide web these are now available to everyone which is looking for gifts which are precious - in the materials, the design and the loving care which has been taken to produce them.

Over the years, Rhiannons exclusive jewellery - hand made in Silver and Gold has developed an international reputation for quality of design and manufacture. Both her new designs and old favourites are inspired by living and working as closely as possible to the old language and traditions of the Celts

All you need to know about Welsh Love Spoons :
Symbols & Meanings - Our Carvers - Love Spoon History - Engraving - The Finish & Wood used