News: Americans fall in Love with Welsh Spoons

Article Date(s):02/15/2018
Conor Knighton on CBS News
Conor Knighton Welsh Love Spoons CBS News

The Welsh Love Spoon tradition was featured on CBS this week, and since then it seems that Americans have fallen in love with our ancient Welsh tradition.

We received a bit of a shock on Sunday evening. We don’t work on Sundays, but when we checked our inbox on Sunday evening for online orders, we found that hundreds of orders had suddenly arrived from the USA as a result of the item that morning on CBS News.

From early Monday morning until late at night, everyone here was at work, and family and friends came in to help. Even our cat came to the office to see what was happening and then direct operations!

We have always guaranteed to despatch orders by Royal Air Mail within two working days, and we are quoted 5-10 working days for delivery to the USA by the Royal Mail. The first 200 orders were despatched within hours on Monday and all of the other orders have now been despatched or are in the process of being despatched.

By next week, normality will have been restored here and all orders will be despatched within two working days. Thanks again to our American friends for their orders and the boost that their custom has given love spoon carvers in Wales.

"Conor Knighton visits Llanddwyn Island off the coast of Wales, where if you want to woo someone, you don't give your sweetheart chocolates, flowers or jewelry; you give them a 'lovespoon.'"