Free engraving Service - Your gift will be absolutely unique

Cadwyn offer a free engraving service of names, dates and even messages on genuine Welsh Lovespoons.

It's so simple and so unique. You choose the Lovespoon from our vast collection, and on those spoons where the service is available, you simply give us the details of what is required. Your gift will be absolutely unique in the world and help to make it a really special occasion. The message is usually engraved on the front of the spoon, but can also be engraved on the back. Please let us know if you would prefer the engraving on the back and/or if you would like the message engraved in any specific location. We do not have a limit as such of what can be engraved on to the spoons, but usually two names and a date looks best. If you require more than this, please get in touch to discuss your needs, and we will advise on what is possible.

Engraving Welsh Love Spoons
Engraving Welsh Lovespoons
Engraving Welsh Love Spoon
Engraving Welsh Lovepoon
Engraving Welsh Love Spoons

Here are some examples of Messages you may want to add to your Love Spoon.

"Happy Wedding Day"
"Happy Anniversary"
"Happy Birthday"
"love you Mom - from the kids"
"To the perfect MUM"
"To my Darling Wife"
"The Best Friend in the World"
"Thanks for Everything" etc

All you need to know about our range of Welsh Love Spoons :
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