Wood & Finish

Lime Wood - Welsh LovespoonsThe wood most widely used in carving our range of Welsh Love Spoons is Limewood (tilia/linden/basswood) sourced from Monmouthshire, south Wales. The wood is pale in colour and very uniform in character.

It is lighter and easier to carve than walnut or oak, it is easily worked, and has very little grain, and a density of 560kg per cubic metre. It is a very popular wood for intricate carving, and is a favourite with our wood carver Paul Curtis.

When Paul makes a love spoon, firstly the wood is selected and cut to a manageable size. Next the design is drawn onto the wood and the basic shape of the spoon is cut out.

Once he has hand carved the lovespoon it is sanded three time with different grades of sandpaper and polished twice with beeswax. "This is a painstaking way to finish a lovespoon," says Paul, "but is the only way to achieve a quality smooth silky finish that the Welsh Lovespoon deserves".

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