News: At the National Museum Wales

Article Date(s):02/21/2017

Welsh Love SpoonsAlthough the exact origins of lovespoon-making in Wales are unclear, we know that such spoons would have been shaped with great care and devotion by their carvers. Lovespoons were given as a token of love and affection and each spoon was unique.

St Fagans

Lovespoons are the most well-known of the Welsh love tokens and have been given by suitors to their sweethearts since at least the mid- to late 17th century. The oldest lovespoon housed at St Fagans National History Museum is dated 1667.

Although the custom's fortunes have fluctuated over time, the tradition still flourishes today and in recent years a new generation of talented carvers have produced wonderful contemporary pieces, some of which have been kindly donated to the Museum.

National Museum in Cardiff

The lovespoon collection at the National Museum in Cardiff contains beautifully ornamented examples both historical and modern. It conveys the changing nature of the art through time and encompasses a wide variety of styles and designs all carefully handcrafted to the highest quality.

Presenting a decoratively carved spoon to a loved one as a token of affection has long been popular in Wales the calibre of the spoons carved by renowned present-day carvers is testimony to the makers' skill and devotion in creating objects intended to be treasured by their recipients.

Virtual Love Spoon

Young men traditionally made a love spoon from a single piece of wood, as a love token for their sweethearts. Vitit National Museum Wales' website to make your own lovespoon and email it to a loved one.